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Growing-up on a farm with the best produce of fruits and vegetables it only seemed evident to me to create some dishes based on the best and yet most natural choices.

From my Farm to your Table.


The life as a Chef started.

It did not start there.  My sweet tooth kicked in long before I discovered fruits and vegetables.

As a kid I would go into the kitchen, grab the “Kook en geniet” cook book, read through it until my envious eyes saw extraordinary desserts to make. It did not always go as planned as measurements were not my strong point, and why follow a recipe if you want to be creative.


I had a dream – becoming the head Chef in a 5 star Lodge


After two years traveling the US, I moved to London to start my dream and to work in a professional kitchen.  My first job was to wash dishes, not exactly what I had in mind but my patience paid off when the chef of restaurant Patterson, in the heart of Oxford Circus, offered me the opportunity to join his chef's team.  I worked myself up to senior chef .

When I left Patterson’s I had gained valuable knowledge of how a professional kitchen operates and is managed.

After 6 years in the capital of the UK and many restaurants, it was time to return home to South Africa, I had gained the international experience I was looking for. 


There it was: a call from Esiweni Lodge, a luxury 5 star lodge in Kwa-Zulu-Natal.


I grabbed the opportunity at once. Now I am Head chef at Esiweni Lodge having the time of my life.  As we grow older and with more experience the dreams get bigger.  Today my dream is to reach a Michelin star.  Sophie and Ludovic the owners share the same big dream.


At Esiweni, the combination of French gastronomy from the Parisien owners with my South-African heritage and international culinary experience, we are creating the best of both worlds.  You enjoy classic French dishes with a South African twist. Something unique your taste buds will never forget.  


It is indeed an unforgettable experience. Come to Esiweni and have a look for yourself, we promise not to disappoint.

My dream is still much alive and my passion for cooking and to entertain people with food is real.  I enjoy seeing their happy faces as they take the first bite of one of my creation.

My dream will go on forever, I now understand that all along I was dreaming about sharing my creations for the pleasure and astonishment of my guests.”


Chef John Roux

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